Care Guide.


Keep your jewelry looking good by following these tips.



Prevent damage.


Remove your silver jewelry during sports, before showering, swimming or when performing manual tasks, to prevent damage.


Avoid contact with aggressive cleaning agents.


When not wearing the jewel, store it in a container, to prevent damage.




Take care of your silver.


Clean your jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth for best results. It's the easiest way. You can buy them in supermakets or specialty stores.


At first signs of discoloration, put the jewel in lukewarm water with mild soap (without chemicals). Remove the dirt with a very soft toothbrush. Beware, do not clean oxidized designs or jewels with (semi-)precious stones this way.


Be careful when polishing matte jewelry, to prevent them from shining after the cleaning.




Grandmother's tip.


Polish your silver jewelry with a white chalk to make it shine again. First, rub the silver with the chalk, then clean it with a soft towel.





If your jewelry is damaged, please contact Lucy & June.

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